October finds.

Didn't expect to see much in the garden this month, however some of the warmer days did bring out a few different creatures (and some frogs to eat them). Not all identifications will be correct. Just a rough guide.

Ivy Bee Colletes hederae

Noon Fly Mesembrina meridiana

Eristalis pertinax

Syrphus vitripennis

Small unidentified Sawfly

Metellina mengei

Blow Fly Calliphora vicina

European Garden Spider Araneus diadematus (female)

Sawfly in the family Tenthredinidae. Possibly Aglaostigma fulvipes or Allantus cinctus

Dark Bush-cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera

Common House Spider Tegenaria domestica

White-lipped Snail Cepaea hortensis

Scarlet Tiger Callimorpha dominula (caterpillar)

Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis

Strawberry Snail Trochulus striolatus

Unidentified Sawfly

Marmalade Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus

Leaf-hopper Empoasca vitis

Unknown larva

Crane Fly Tipula lateralis

Hoverfly Syrphus vitripennis

Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Walnut Orb Weaver Nuctenea umbratica

House Fly Graphomya maculata

I expect the winter months to be pretty quiet for small invertebrates but there may be some in and around the house.  


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